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The modern Driving school software

The driving school software for small and big driving schools. PlanPine is feature rich with a user-friendly environment. Experience it for yourself, without any obligation.

The calendar of PlanPine driving school software

Why use a driving school software?

Working efficiently and flawlessly is very important. PlanPine driving school software makes this a lot easier for you.

An overview that helps you

On the dashboard you can immediately see what you are doing, what you still have to do and tasks for the next day. You can also easily view and edit your current appointment. And even see the route to the next appointment.

Because PlanPine is fully developed for driving schools, you only have the functions you really need. This keeps everything neat and tidy.

Dave van Luling
Owner, Dave van Luling
Dashboard example

Everything clicks together

All functions are linked together. Suppose you want to schedule a lesson but this student no longer has hours in the package. PlanPine will alert you quickly to avoid mistakes.

Calendar example

Easy student management

A clear overview of your student. Immediately see the linked invoices, scheduled lessons and credits. You also have an activity log to see exactly what has happened.

More instructors? It is easy to link an instructor to a student so that you immediately see who a student has taught more often.

Student overview example

Features that help you

We offer a lot of different features. Big ones that are really necessary, but also smaller ones that offer you support.

Driving license categories

From moped to truck. Every driving license category is available.

Lesson requests

Students can also send a lesson request themselves. After approval, the student receives a clear confirmation.

Track tasks

Easily keep track of your tasks per day. task completed? Click on the check mark to cross it out. Never forget anything again!


Repeating notes that you like to keep handy? This is also done in this way.


Your finances in one place. Overview is important and fortunately with PlanPine this is no problem at all. The integration with Mollie or Stripe makes it even easier.


Planning is easier than ever. Easily schedule lessons with the filters according to your needs. It even works on mobile and tablet.


You can easily send notifications to a student and even have this happen automatically. This way your student will never be late again.

Up to date

Continuous updates with new enhancements and additions. Big change? You will be informed of this clearly and in a timely manner.

Parts that make it easy for you

Having things organized is important. That is why you can keep track of everything and find out what exactly happened.

Activity log

Everything is clearly recorded. This way you can see exactly when an invoice has been sent. A lesson has been scheduled or an email has been sent.

  • Who did what?

    You can easily see who performed the activity. The student, instructor or even the app itself.

  • Action buttons

    For example, if a lesson has been scheduled, you can go there immediately with an easy button

  • Notes

    You can add notes in the activity log for clarity but also to provide clarity to colleagues.

Activity log example

Search address

No more problems with adding an address. Just type in something and PlanPine will do the rest. Just like on Google maps.

  • More addresses

    Many students live at multiple addresses or want to be picked up at, for example, their gym. Fortunately, you can add more addresses.

  • The right route

    Because the addresses are properly registered, you can immediately select the route to a student.

Address search example

Several links available

Mollie logo
Stripe logo

Finances nice and simple

This is often a tricky part. PlanPine therefore helps you enormously to simplify this. In addition, it is linked to the agenda so that everything is clear when planning.

Easy filtering

You can sort, filter and organize everything. For example, you can select a start date and all invoices that start with 2019. The filters are also remembered so that they are not immediately reset after viewing something else.

Drafts and invoices are separated. This way you can immediately see what still needs to be processed.

Invoice overview example

The invoice

When viewing an invoice, you have everything at hand. You can immediately add or view a payment. You will also see the connected activities and status.

Invoice example
Jeffrey Klaassen van Oorschot

"We think it is important that not only the driving schools but also the students have a fantastic experience. Overview and clarity is our top priority."

Jeffrey Klaassen van Oorschot

Owner, PlanPine Driving school software

Another great thing

Details that count

It is often precisely those little things that make your experience pleasant. No frustration or anything that gets in the way. Everything is well finished and robust.

  • Scalability

    PlanPine automatically adjusts to the size of the driving school. This way you will not see things that are not relevant.

  • Super fast

    We love speed and efficiency. PlanPine therefore always works smoothly and saves data. That way you don't go through your data bundle on your mobile or tablet.


    Whether you're in the office with 3 screens or in the car with your mobile. PlanPine works anywhere and adapts to the situation.

  • More possibilities

    Does your driving school have specific wishes? In many cases, we can add the feature for free.

Fair prices for every driving school

We offer different packages so that you don't pay for something you don't need.

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