It starts after a registration

You can get started with PlanPine in just a few steps.

Setting up driving school environment

After registering, you still have to go through a few simple steps.

  • Country and time zone

    Because PlanPine is available in several countries, it is important to select a country and time zone. In most cases this is already correct and you do not have to adjust it.

  • Driving school name

    Choose the name of your driving school. This will also be the name that will be displayed to students and to us.

  • Driving license categories

    Select the categories that your driving school provides. You can add new categories later.

An easy explanation

You will receive a short explanation in the app to get to know PlanPine. This saves you some time.

  • Step by step

    Each step shows an important basic part. After following these steps, PlanPine already feels a lot more familiar.

  • Need more explanation?

    In addition, it is always possible to ask your questions directly at the bottom right of the chat bubble.

PlanPine is our passion and you will see it in every bit of the app. Do you have a good idea? We love to listen to make PlanPine even better.

Dave van Luling
Dave van Luling
Owner, PlanPine Driving school software


Enough settings

You can completely personalize your driving school environment. So many settings to choose from. Can't find something? Fortunately, we also have an easy search bar.


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